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Asus Aura Sync -- different effects in different zones?

Level 7
Hello, *

Maybe I'm not understanding the interface properly, it seems like this is something that should be possible. *Using the latest version of Aura Sync from its' download page; I have a Maximus Formula X motherboard, 4 sticks of G.Skill TridentZ RGB RAM, an addressable RGB strip, and two "normal" (4-pin) RGB strips connected, and I see the RAM and addressable RGB strip as separate icons in Aura Sync; setting everything connected to the same effect works just fine. *

My question is, is it possible to assign different effects to each zone? *Like, if I wanted to have the "static" setting for most lights, but have the RAM use the "breathing" setting? *Clicking on the RAM icon just disables control entirely and it reverts to the "rainbow cycle" effect it does before Aura Sync programs it, with no ability to change this. *


Level 8
Did you find out if this is possible? I don't see a way to unlink a zone and apply a different effect to it.*