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Asus Aura Problems, no/partial fixes frustration

Level 9
I dont have time to post full system specs right now as its 0315 and I have to work at 0730. That being said, i have been trying to get aura working right for over a week. One day, my only day off by the way. I spent 14 hours trying to trouble shoot this. I have done each install/uninstall per Asus's instructions. As well as using every trick in the book all the way to completely reformatting my hard drive and installing windows. All my device drivers are current. I finally got aura to be stable and not crash, and it did detect my Strix 1080 TI at one point. But would not detect my Claymore, Asus Code IX Mobo or my spatha mouse. I tried the power off method to no avail. So I tried a fresh uninstall/Re Install per asus instructions and I can not for the life of me get it to recognize anything now.

With all of that being said, I'm extremely frustrated with Aura and Asus in general right now. Every one of my 3 builds is a Asus Mobo and GPU. If I cant get this worked out soon. I will not be buying the new Thor 1200p PSU and Ryujin Aio. And most likely build a new PC using a competitor's brand. I'll post more info on my current build specs and other info when I'm not so tired. I've always had small issues with Aura but it was always a simple fix. I dont understand how this much time has passed since the Aura first released and there still be so manuly problems.