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Asus Aura - G.Skill TridentZ

Level 7
Hi can anyone help I am having problems getting my G.Skill TridentZ RGB DDR4 3200 Ram to sync on the Asus Aura my Motherboard is Asus Prime X470-Pro
Thank you.

Level 7

Sorry to hear that you have this problem too. How I got mine to fix (somewhat) is just restart your computer until the DRAM shows up, and then just don't turn off your computer XD. It's a little (lot) jank, but I've had some success with it (until my AURA just turned off completely one day and won't turn any lights on). Hope you don't get that problem too xD.

btw don't get G.Skill's software. It interferes with AURA and makes things worse.

Level 7
I'm using Prime Z270-A, and G.Skill TriedntZ 3200, I have SPD Write OFF in BIOS...

When I first boot, if I open Aura, It fails, and crashes, I have to wait at least a few minutes.... then if I open Aura my RAM doesn't show... however, if I click REFRESH, Aura (and some times my PC) crashes, - I then restart, wait 5 mins and open Aura my RAM is there...

I have a lighting effect set for my RAM, and when I boot the RAM defaults to the Rainbow cycle, and after about 5 minutes of being in Windows, my custom profile suddenly kicks in and the LED's change to how I set them..

SO... I'm guessing there's some delay somewhere, shut down fully, turn SPD Write OFF, boot up, wait at LEAST 5 mins (longer the better) and try opening Aura, see if your RAM shows...

as I said, open it too soon after boot, it screws up!

Community Admin
Community Admin
Please provide extra info if issue persists, thanks!

If you are not on the latest version, update to 1.06.95 to make debugging faster, please remember to mention:
1. The BIOS/firmware version for your hardware.
2. The AURA SYNC products you own and any other 3rd-party lighting software.
3. If a power cycle has made any difference. (Shutdown, power off, unplug power cable for a minute)
4. If you have reinstalled Aura or Windows.
5. If the issue was present in the previous versions(s)?
6. Which motherboard you are using.
7. Does the Aura EC version info appear in the BIOS? (MAIN --> LED EC1/2 Version)
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