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Asus Aura full overview - All modes, static, dynamic, audio - RGB Mobo, RAM, Strips

Level 8
Hello fellow ROGers,

I've been recently playing around with RGBs in my case, checking how it works with various components, RGB strips and most important how the new WS2812b addressable LEDs look like and how to bypass limitations of Aura (the max of 60 ADD LEDs). Today, after finally deciding on final configuration of lights in my PC I made a video overview of full Asus Aura functionality.

In it you can see all the static mode, all dynamic modes with various advanced configurations (Per zone mode, Gradient mode) and also the "smart" mode and most spectacular "music" audio sync mode.

Demonstration is made on my most recent build and as far as Aura compatible RGB goes you will see:
- Motherboard Asus Maximus X Hero: IO shield RGB, M2 heatsink RGB, PCH heatsink RGB
- G.Skill Trident Z RGB: 2x RAM stick
- 12V 5050 RGB strip: 9 LEDs
- WS2812B Addressable RGB strip: 69 LEDs

Here is the video:

Its a bit long, but if you are interested in specific mode, in YouTube description there are timestamps for each of them . The purpose of this video is mostly to help people know what they can expect from Aura software, for example when they compare it with Gigabyte Fusion, MSI Mysitc Light. It can be also used as a reference for people who plan to upgrade hardware from less RGBish mobos . For people with already pimped out rigs, it might be a bit boring, but who knows, maybe one of the special modes (gradient , per zone) is something new to You 😉
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Level 10
Thanks for sharing your knowledge in video.
And don't forget, Keep pushing it !

Level 13
Nice thank!. It serve no justice how the video can not get or capture the lights show. i know is more beautiful. kudos!
Learn, Play Enjoy!

Level 7
Definitely, thanks for the preview. I'm just finishing up gathering parts for a R5E10 build and can't wait to get into the programming side in addition to the performance.