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Asus aura (1.07.57) using 5-10% of my 8700k for "lighting service".

Level 7
Like the title reads the program is using 5-10% of my cpu, this seems to vary depending on what lighting mode you are using. I am using a gradient mode under rainbow (to cycle between blue and green to match my rtx founders edition better) but if i put it to a static color it basically uses no CPU like it should. Ive read of this issue before but was told a newer version of aura was supposed to fix it, if im not mistaken i have the newest version of 1.07.57 which i got from my z370-f strix motherboard page.

Is this just something you have to deal with or is there a solution ive not stumbled across, thanks.

Level 7
You have to deal it....

Level 11
that is correct is a known info. with the new crate i have max 5% on rainbow color that is a huge improvement.
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Level 12
Then again simple static with crate for me is 7% to 17%, while with Aura it was basically 0%.

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