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Asus armoury Crate & ASUS music & Asus touchpad

Level 7
I have a problem with regards to Armory Crate when I sometimes start the GPU not giving the right details -1MHz and temperature-3000 then when set to balanced it increases the fan speed but increases the temperature going from 57 to 63 which is quite strange because when they run faster should more heat come out, but if they are indicative data the software detects a high temperature and therefore the fans are always in a state of rpm very high at 4500 rpm, moreover it is strange that in idle that the base temperature is on 57 -60 speaking of eighth generation CPu and therefore should produce less heat. Same thing also in bios that RPMs always increase since I updated the bios. Moreover Armory Crate unloads from the store because there are fewer things than the default one found on the original unformatted machine and I can't download the equalization software so audio and mouse