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ASuite 3 Faillure with fanexpert (Qcode 00)

Level 7

Since i had earlier problems with my pc Qcode , i started to test a few thing and came up with the following

When im using Asuite 5way thingy to improve my system CPU-level up /Fans/EPU/Video
everything goed great.

When the pc boots up the Qcode say's 00
Now i have seen alot of advice people have given others with the same problem as me that had nothing to do withcpu/mem or even psu faults

since i first was not sure of this issue..i tested it several times .. install Asuite /uninstall /instal/un-instal
every time with the same results

When installed Asuite and improve, cpu level up! fanexpert ect.ect. the system goes wild giving me the 00 finger.. when i uninstall .and re-installed while doing nothing (do not use the 5 way ) it wil give me ..AO wich is great
Mabey some of the programmers at Asus would take some minutes of their presious time and take a look at this issue .Even better ...Fixs this

ill give u a hint where u can find this issue so it will not take to much off ur time ..its in the fanexpert deparment.CPU level up works great but .when the fans start spinning and configuring ..i think the program cant handle it ..

I hope u will do something about this it wil save alot of complaints or RMA's

Level 10
The 00 error code is not only happening to ASUS boards, it's more an issue with the chipset compatibility with memory (at least this is what I believe). Some people have done every single thing possible to fix the 00 code issue and it either keeps occurring or never goes away. My friend had same problem with a Rampage V Extreme and he ended up RMA'in the board and the new board worked fine.

Your claim that the 00 error code has to do with AI Suite 3 is kind of interesting as there's no way for a software installed inside the OS to affect if the system can post or not.