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Asua Aura "Area" Tab only detecting Ram and VGA

Level 7
So i just did a fresh in place upgrade of Windows 10. Freshly installed Asus Aura and asus services.

At first all of my peripherals were under the drop menu to change colors. For example if i go to Static, and go under the tab Area it would show My Motherboard LED sections, my RGB strip on the side of the case, etc.

Today the colors in the case are all in RED and the option to change the different sections is limited to VGA and the Ram.

this isnt the first time it happens as why i had to to a clean install.

any solutions and ideas? reinstalling ASUS AURA again doesnt seem to work. the only time the devices are detected are when i do a inplace upgrade each time. then after some time this happens again. Now even if i reinstall Asus Aura nothing happens.

Working on an Extreme IX Maximus

Level 7
I have a lot of Asus software installed on my new build, such as:
Aura Sync
Sonic radar
Live Dash
Sonic Studio 3
Amoury II

And every time I turn on this new PC, I play a game called - 'Guess which software ISN'T going to work today'

Get used to it!

Asus make great hardware...just **** software!