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ASmedia USB Controller Host Was Not Found (failed driver install) ASUS Z170-Pro

Level 7
ASUS Z170-Pro motherboard:
Just did a fresh install of Windows 10, Finished installing all the chipset and motherboard drivers, was installing the ASmedia USB driver was having trouble installing. It says "ASMedia USB Controller Host Was Not Found. Chipset, MEI, etc are all latest via motherboard website.
The last time I did a fresh install was 8-9 months ago, so I don't remember If I installed this driver or not.
I'm doing a bit of searching around, and I don't see ASmedia listed in the USB specs, says intel. Is Intel the controller and not ASmedia?
I'm a bit unsure, since that's listed in the available drivers for me on the website.

Level 11
It might be on the support CD that came with the motherboard.

pndiode wrote:
It might be on the support CD that came with the motherboard.

I'll check that CD. Can I pick and choose which drivers to install off the CD? I know those will have extremely outdated drivers

Yes, you can choose what to install. Look for Asmedia USB3.1/3.0 Driver on support CD. Remove check mark for what you do not want to install.