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Armoury Crate vs ROG Aura Core which one should I use?

Level 8
Hi folks, I'm little bit confused about Armoury Crate and ROG Aura Core. My laptop ROG GL503GE came with Aura Core software. I used aura core software to control RGB light of keyboard. Later I bought a ROG mouse and I had to download Armoury Crate software to change the settings of the mouse. However I've seen I can control RGB lighting of my laptop's keyboard with Armoury Crate as well. SO my question is why two software for controlling RGB lighting? which one is best to use?

ROG Aura Core requires LightingService.exe service and this LightingService.exe is consuming too much 8-10% cpu. SHall I uninstall the aura core and keep using Armoury Crate?

Level 9
Been seeing complaints about lighting service, I've never had a problem. My GL703GE-IS74 came with a ROG Gladius II mouse and did not include any software for the mouse other than being able to sync with ROG Aura Core. The support page for the mouse used to provide downloadable software called "ROG Armoury". I could un-sync my mouse then control it separately using ROG Armoury. Currently if I go to my mouse support page click on drivers software and choose windows 10 it only provides Armoury Crate. If I choose windows 7 or 8 Asus is still providing a download for ROG Armoury version 30039. "Check your mouse support page." I tried Armoury Crate it didn't properly install wouldn't recognize or control my keyboard had missing menus it was buggered (that was about 6 months ago)! It would not completely uninstall and I ended up reinstalling windows to get rid of it (been using ROG Armoury ever since). If it works for you with no problems keep using it. But if you want to return to Aura Core for your keyboard you can install ROG Armoury to control your mouse separately. Make sure to go to Armour settings and turn of auto updates or it will want to download Crate. P.S. I have saved a copy of ROG Armoury versions v20606 (does not load NahimicAPI) and v30030 (does include NahimicAPI, Nahimic/Sonic Studio is integrated with ROG Armoury II (to support the new ASUS ROG headsets). Can provide you a copy if you need.