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Armoury crate - The motherboard must be set as the default device. How to do it ?

Level 7
The motherboard must be set as the default AURA Sync device.
How to do it ?


Level 10
can u try a cmos clear

CMOS reset does nothing.

Yes this message appears when you try to unselect the motherboard. The software seems to not allow deselecting it. Actually i think the controller is on the motherboard. So if you would uncheck this i guess nothing would work anymore for you in reguards to RGB.

What were you intending to achieve by unselecting it?

I write via Google translator.

When it was selected, the software did not change the RGB lighting.
Now he can't see the devices ...
After restart, I can check the RAM, but I can't control the motherboard.


Im not sure but did you install it properly?

- You need to uninstall normal aura in advance and then install the Armoury crate.
That is also stated in the informations that you see while and before updating to his version. Seems classic aura and this new armoury crate are not compatible since they service the same functionality.

Only other idea i have is that maybe your settings files are bad. You could try and delete these for the armoury crate. And maybe check if the services have the proper versions:

When you look in the task-manager under Details, theres:

- "ArmouryCrate.Service.exe". Right click that and check if it has version: ?
- "ArmouryCrate.exe"
- "ArmouryCrate.UserSessionHelper.exe"
- "ArmourySocketServer.exe"
- "ArmourySwAgent.exe"
- "LightingService.exe" Date 04.10.2019

These work for me.

- About setting files:
You can try go to windows settings, apps and features. Find Armoury crate here, then highlight it with a click. Select "Advanced Options", stop it and reset it. Try reboot the machine and see how it goes.

Ah yea and:
- let it handle the selfupdates without interrupting.
- And reboot when asked to do so.

If this does not lead to full function, someone with more expirience must help you.



wuszt wrote:
CMOS reset does nothing.

not a reset just a cmos clear with the button on the rear. otherelse check if all mb plugin is installed in programs

I installed Armory Crate on a clean Windows system. I didn't have Aura software installed.

I have compatible software versions.

Reset :

First launch of the Armory Crate software:

Motherboard selection:

Reset CMOS/Clear Cmos 😉 translator.

Problem not solved ...

It works !!! It works !!! It works !!!
I did this:
1- uninstalled everything related to Armory Crate with Revo Uninstaller. I cleaned the registry !!!
2-PC restart
3-installation of Armory Crate
4-PC restart