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Armoury Crate Support?

Level 9
I have a question.
Armory Crate support Asus ROG Rampage V Edition 10 and Asus ROG Terminal?

Level 8
Here is the armory crate hardware compatibility list.

TheMajekalBum wrote:
Here is the armory crate hardware compatibility list.

There he writes that support is from 2018 and Rampage V Edition 10 of 2017.
But apparently she works with Armory Crate.

Support and Asus ROG Terminal but without editing the number of LEDs.
Since there is no Addressable RGB tab, because there is no Addressable RGB connector on Rampage V Edition 10.


Sorry i am Russian.

Level 7
My Armoury Crate wasn't working, so I uninstalled it using Revo and then rebooted. I then downloaded it again, but after unzipping it and trying to run the .exe, it starts to run and then quickly stops. Something is killing it but I don't know what. Any help on how to get Armoury Crate back on my desktop would be appreciated. All of the lighting is working, but I somehow got the Ryujin 360 and my 2080 SUPER on a red color and I don't want that. If Armoury Crate won't work, is their any other software ASUS has that will allow me to change these colors? Thanks