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Armoury Crate Still Broken. Can't Access Ryujin or Fan Xpert

Level 8
There was an update to Armoury Crate on 4.25 that broke access to all devices in Armoury Crate, and would throw a script error every time the PC woke from sleep. Even a full uninstall/reinstall didn't resolve the issue. After looking around online it was apparent that this was fairly widespread, so I waited for an update. The software for the motherboard, GPU, Ryujin, and FanXpert all updated to this morning, which resolved the script errors that were popping up, but I am *still* unable to access Device -> ROG Ryujin II or Device -> FanXpert. Clicking either of these results in a quick flash and then black space in the UI, and eventually the following error pops:

We are sorry there is an error on the device page. The application is going to reload the device page now (2006)

So I've lost the ability to edit/update the display on the Ryujin (it's just a repeating default gif for weeks now) and I can't access the fans at all. We're entering the third week of this software being broken. Are there any third-party options for the Ryujin II screen or FanXpert? I'm ready to dump Armoury Crate at this point.

Current version of Armoury Crate:

WTH really . sorry to hijack this thread but i need to VENT ! Im having all kinds of problems with my asus mobo clocking my cpu to 0.5 ghz , i cant change the lcd screen to a static image or gif, i cant monitor pump speed or flow im really unimpressed asus . If this crap with the bios and the armory crate doesn't get fixed soon I'm selling off this ASUS stuff and going with msi motherboard and a different AIO that actually connects to the CPU fan header like it should so i can be monitored.

I just put this pc together a couple of days ago and I wasn't expecting to have these problems and there all software related if you consider the bios software which i do . Asus GET YOUR **** TOGETHER . Or this will be the last ASUS products I ever buy . So far its been a pretty ****ty experience for my first build in 7 years.

Level 12
For fan control, pretty hard to beat Argus Monitor or FanControl. Either will control fans and pumps connected to the motherboard. Can also set custom fan curves.

There is better 3rd party RGB software out there as well.

It is well known Armour Crate is broken and has been forever. It also well known Asus doesnt really seem to care. If they did, we wouldnt be discussing this. And that is coming from an Asus Fanboy.

Asus is not guilty alone. You will find similar complaints with all the manufacturers.

Same goes for overclocking. Dont use Ai Suite. Make changes directly in the BIOS yourself. If a person is not comfortable using the BIOS, he/she/it/? shouldnt be overclocking to begin with.
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