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Armoury Crate problem...again....and more

Level 7
My Armoury crate started doing a new bug. When I want to change my Asus ROG Strix RTX 3080's lightning, I get this message:

"Please update your device to continue"

Ok, but if I go to the update center:
Everything is updated! What a surprise!

I've already uninstalled and reinstalled this piece of garbage. My only questions are:
How hard can it be, to make a WORKING RGB software for a company as big as Asus????
How is it possible, that you can't create a software that works with your OWN hardware????
I already complained numerous times to make it possible to use the default RTX rainbow effect with aura sync. I have complained that the card defaults to static red with EVERY windows starts, but I have received 0 (ZERO) answers or solutions. I've sent a lot of emails to customer service about these problems and I received once again, zero soutions. I am so f****ng angry right now. I paid a lot just to get every possible ROG stuff for my computer and that's what I get....