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Armoury Crate: Logo/LED-Stripe setting gone

Level 7
After an update the setting that turns off the Logo and LED-Stripe is gone from Armoury Crate, the other 3 settings (boot/awake/sleep) are still there.

What I'm talking about is Armoury Crate->Device->System->Lighting->Settings, the option used to be near the Awake setting.

Would appreciate help since I need my keys to have light for school but the logo and stripe can bother other people. Thanks!

Level 7
Yes, i have same problem.
Why i cant switch off light?

I had people private message me about this so I'll say it here too - I'm sorry, the option is still missing and I couldn't restore it. I will update my thread if I manage to do something or an update restores it. (ASUS please ADD features with updates, don't REMOVE them)

***As a temporary solution you should be able to turn it off with a custom profile in 'Aura Creator' software but it's dumb that we need to download a whole app just for that. 😞