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Armoury crate (Issue that melt the Laptop)

Level 7
Hi, my laptop is a Rog Zephyrus GX70GXR, i7 9750h 32gb ram rtx2080, 1 tb ssd nvme, i got two units, after last uptade of Rog Armoury, i noticed that the sound of the fans is weird, so i look the temperatures and i see 96ºC iddle, well i report the issue to Asus that tells me oh it´s ok 96ºC in iddle?? I got almost every gamers laptops of asus but this temperature was too much we are talking one machine that is only backup other machines no games etc, the machine only got 30 hours of use because i only update her one time in a month, i got a equal working, so when i update armoury crate in the second machine same problem in idle 95ºC so i desinstall armoury crate and the temps stay in maximum at 89º/90º that is still hot before this update they stay idle in 45ºC in a room with AC at 20º a 22ºC so i desinstall all armoury and i found that the big issue stay in part resolve, anoyone else got the same problem??? Thanks

Level 9