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Armoury Crate is Clunky

Level 9

Armoury Crate needs to be re-made from scratch. It’s clunky and sluggish. I get it you want to shove ads in my face but I already spent hundreds on your motherboard. AI Suite was simple and quick to use, seems like Armoury Crate focuses too much on animations/telemetry.

This is the 4th ROG board I’ve owned (Maximus V Formula, Rampage IV Edition, Maximus VIII Formula and now the Maximus Z690 Apex) from the software aspect it has gone down hill. Armoury Crate is often behind the official website in regards to driver/software releases. No clue why that option exist when it isn’t maintained. BIOS updates from within the tool have been removed. Adjusting fan speed is a pain compared to AI Suite. I ended up uninstalling Armoury Crate and installing an open source fan control software. My next upgrade I’ll be going with a different manufacturer primarily due to the software center causing more frustration than it should have.