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[Armoury Crate][G731GW] CPU LOAD not showing

Level 7
There is some problem with CPU info/LOAD screen in Armoury Crate in Home tab.
Actually there is no info there. GPU seems to be working though.

Anyone with same problem and fix?


Level 7
I have the same issue with my GX701. Don't have a solution though.

How about BIOS update. Is it up to date?

MmikiM wrote:
How about BIOS update. Is it up to date?

yes it is, no change.*


Once you get into the BIOS, does it show any info about the CPU or not? If yes, try to reinstal the Armoury Crate, if no how about Intel drivers?

Hello, I have the same problem in a G531GU, it does not show the cpu info,
I do not know how to solve this problem. 😞

It is the problem with the Armoury crate software. If a restart doesn't fix the problem, terminate the program in Windows setting and do a reset on the Armoury crate app. It will reinstall it via Microsoft store with the latest available Armoury crate. (P.S: Remember to login and backup in the application should you have settings made, and you can restore it once it's being reset.)

Mine also stop working today. And so does intel extreeme tuning utility. The issue might be a windows update that kills the processor tuning library. That's my suspicion

The same thing happened for me. Installed extreme tuning utility..and uninstalled soon without making any changes. Soon after uninstalled, its stopped to show cpu usage. Any solution for this?

Same problem here.... don t know how to resolve... 😞