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Armoury Crate - default effect after a szenario?

Level 8

First im describing a bit:
I am using armoury crate to control the RGB stuffs. When i open the program, i click on aura sync and set a static color there as i want a certain subtile constant color tone. But when i lets say startup ai suite i configured a szenario profile that it indicates the temperature. Another for: "When i start VLC it goes with the sound". And when i play let's say assassins creed odyssey it does sort of rainbow effect. So far so good.

Question #1
But when i exit these programs (assume i do that fully) i want it to return to the static certain ambient color i prefer. It doesn't. Where or how can i set this?

Question #2
Why does the armoury crate app always override the stealth mode setting? When i shut down the computer i want LED to be lit. But whenever i fire up Armoury Crate in windows the Mainboard RGB is back on pulsing. At least the addstrips and RAM stays off. Where can i set this to stick with stealth mode and or in other words make it honor the UEFI/Firmware/BIOS settings - whatever it is called nowadays.

Thx for the info.