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Armoury Crate, Corsair iCUE and Aura Sync - What a mess !!!

Level 7
So im guessing the guy at Aura Sync had a meeting with the guy at Corsair and decided to let the iCUE software control the Asus ROG motherboard lighting too and in doing so just messed up my lighting...... now when iCUE boots on startup my AMD Prism, my Strix motherboard logos and my rear exhaust fan all go dark - even though it was all in perfect sync whilst booting. This Aura Sync is becoming the worst joke of 2020 for me. So every time i boot my PC i have to load up Armoury Crate to sync all devices. Again. Then it all works. Until i shutdown and boot again. The minute iCUE boots it overrides Armoury Crate.

All i want, like many others, is all my lights to be in sync. I've read that iCUE can be used to control all the lightning but how can it when it doesn't recognise my ROG Keyboard, ROG mouse, ROG Thor PSU, ROG Strix Geforce RTX card and the remaining fans on the addressable header???

Oh and why does the "Geforce RTX" green logo not light up on the RTX card or is that another topic and issue all together lol.

There's an old I.T. saying you may have heard and ignored........ If its not Broke, then please don't try to fix it !!!!

I'm making do with rainbow coloured Corsair memory and fully synced everywhere else until such time as i can bin those memory sticks. Maybe ROG could make their own memory sticks and it would then all work in sync and harmony.

Rant Over.

Level 7
First of all

The RTX Logo doesnt light up on the Strix models. its just a plastic cover.


ICue and Asus have only a one sided "Partnership". You can control the Asus Mobo with ICue and thats about it.

It has to do something with the Fact that ICue cant go deep enough to control the Motherboard Lightning (probably security restrictions)


ASUS doesnt listen to you and doesnt give a **** about their Software. The Armoury Crate and the Aura Creator are such a steaming pile of **** that its beyond funny.
I bet they only hired one Dev to develop and Maintain the Aura Ecosystem because otherwise there is no explanation how a Software can be so broken.

Level 8
If read you need to turn off plugins somewhere
Go to the settings tab and un check "Enable plugins" or disable