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Armoury Crate and ROG thor

Level 7
So I am seeing that the ROG thor power supply is a certified aura sync device however it is not showing on armoury Crate. The only thing I see is my motherboard (tuf gaming x570 wifi), RAM (not certified but argb works) and an addressable header. The thor psu does not show as it's own device as it is connected to addressable header. Is this working as it should be or not? I had some trouble installing armoury Crate and installing aura sync before windows had downloaded all its updates.

Level 7
I'm pretty sure mine is connected through the rgb header and the header is listed in aura sync tab of armoury crate. Meaning it doesn't say rog thor just says "AddressableHeader"

Same problem with me.

Hey guys
I have the same issue
its synced but not showing up in Arm.C
have you guys found a solution
is it possible it just syncs and doesnt show up...since there is no software or driver for it on Asus website?

Level 7
It is not a device that works alone. As it says hurricanoday is running through the addresable header.