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Armoury Crate - Random arrows? More LOL updates.

Level 7
This was going to be question about "In Game Lighting Effects" which I'd always thought was a dead button put there to get your hopes up. But now I'm going to ask, instead, about some new random buttons (little triangles) that sometimes appear Aura Sync > Devices then bottom right of each device box. I noticed this for two devices yesterday, it seems to give access to a Shutdown State option - a very good idea. But the only device that doesn't Shutdown correctly for me is the Aura Controller (it's entirely random, as far as I can see - sometimes stays on, sometimes goes off on shutdown). And that devices doesn't get the new button/control...

...until this morning, when the button magically appeared! So I clicked it and got message "Update device to proceed, go to update centre". Did that - no update available


Now the triangle has gone. Also, gone from Ryuo aio cooler.

Ever since I was a kid, I was told that truly "random" behaviour in s/w wasn't possible. Code would always behave in the same way if given the same circumstances and inputs. But ASUS seemed to have disproved that myth. 😉

I'm aware I didn't actually ask a question... does InGame Lighting actually do anything? (Control, Red Dead 2?). Do you ned to do more than just select the button and launch the game from within AC? Never seen so much as a flicker, In Game.