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ArmoryCrate UPDATE aio is back in control 10/14/2019

Level 13

Today a update has being push to the ARMORY CRATE users.

Please. make the the update as it appear and take notes as follows IF you have some issues

1. DO NOT USE any type of windows registry programs. (sorry: I do not care, Just do not use it)
2. There are 2 update. and boot it appears that is not working. IF on restart appears again MAKE again the update. (should be 2 )
3. In the case the 3 reboot and some missing modules like the aio. follow my fix below. (we are working to make a runtime inside the app with my fix since is working 99% of the times and has being test)
4. I repeat again. DO NOT USE any type of registry cleaning programs with Armory Crate. These is NOT a app to control lights. Is a app to reprogram a ROM base application to the AURA chip on our board. it is call the AURA CHIP.
5. Most issues are related on legacy boot. Make sure that UEFI is all the way. (CSM disable and UEFI BOOT ONLY)
6. these is test made using 100% asus products. I have NO idea if these work on a stand alone app like using another brand of products like motherboard gpus etc hybrid use i have to take notes. Please i want to hear these from all)

I am using 100% OEM drivers from my CODE XI. I will test these on the Formula XI and HERO XI since i have my own testing team with 100% identical machines. For the moment no x570 so i have to digg my own group on Facebook to check on those feedback. the app is available as a stand alone with the aio and some new devices. I think the ROG ARMORY will eventually support legacy products only. and i suspect these is the route to be follow. I do not work with ASUS or get paid. I am just a user that all that offer my free time to check debug and test the app since the ArmoryCrate start last year.

I will take ONLY z390 (ROG TUFF) and I will create a post ONLY for these. Please be gentile and direct since I am reporting to specific people that want these work. x570 make sure last bios is in, CSM DISALBE and full UEFI is in. These is importat. On AMD everyone as to be there anyways. Unless you are using LINUX that requiere legacy. for that I am sorry no idea if these can work. but so far is UEFI all the way.

Also and just in case. These are the list of working (10/14/2019) peripherals compatible. For the moment until i can get some cash i can not test the monitor functions. But some DO appear since my best friend has one. Eventually i will get more gear to test.

Some new modules will be added to the audio department and some fan control but we need to be patience.

For the users that starting to use the Armory Crate. In order to these to work. you have to uninstall (DO NOT use cleanners) the aura app before using the crate.

1. open c
2. open program files (x86)
3. open lighting service
4. delete file name LastProfile.XML
5. empty recycle bin
6.Open Services (windows logo type services
7. Find LightingService and restart that service, and restart the computer. IF the service is stop start the service and right away restart and restart the computer.

List of compatible peripheral. NOTE the Spatha will NOT make the list. The Clarymore is still on works, I will ask later but i think will not make the list. Here is the list


ROG Gladius II Origin / ROG Gladius II / ROG STRIX Impact / ROG Gladius II Origin COD / ROG Gladius II Origin PNK

Mouse Pad:
ROG Balteus Qi (ONLY for the moment)

There is still a lot to be done.
1. Armory crate at boot there is some idle. YES not much. 10% you will see a some power on red. On idle is 2.3% and use 12.6mb of memory and around 1% of gpu.
2. Some functionally is still buggy and does not affect
3. on keyboard and mouse that are link to aura, will NOT be accessible until aura is sync. that is why on keyboards compatible there is a module for MACROS. and on the aio the light tap is void until the aura is link. the rest will work independent of the aura is sync or not.
4. I have to test the mouse. I have 1 in coming from the list, So i can test the module.

Aside these thanks. asorry for my English.
Learn, Play Enjoy!
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New Updates.....

All Systems run.....bugfree

voller75 wrote:
New Updates.....

All Systems run.....bugfree

Thanks for the note. !!!
Learn, Play Enjoy!

Ryujin stay quiet / silence inc. microfan on top waterpump

because in Armoury Crat i cant´t regulate
the container with settings mainboard an ryujin is emty / dark again 😞
On the oled-display no temperature....only moving ROGsymbol

ASUS-Ryujin...every day....groundhog day
god patches...fixes...bugfree....and next, same waste again
i think....a´m a german asus-fanboy....but this product is a desaster / unreliable

Armory keeps telling me i have an update for my strix scope keyboard, no matter how many times i press update it comes back, 😞

Mike-uk wrote:
Armory keeps telling me i have an update for my strix scope keyboard, no matter how many times i press update it comes back, 😞

no problems for me here.

ac works perfect even the ryujin options

Level 9
Heres your fix for All armoury crate and Aura sync issues.

Armoury crate/aura fix by darkspr1te


Hello, Armory crate for some reason does not want to control the backlight of my motherboard. Although the program sees the board. How to fix?

After a reboot my armoury crate don't see my harware...incredible ....
Very stupid dev team....

Level 12
you need a technical university degree to make any sense of the first message.... Djesus, how complex can you make things?

Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid 1300W ATX
Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Extreme
Intel Core i9-12.900k
ROG Ryujin 360
Corsair DDR5 Dominator Platinum RGB 2x32GB 5600Mhz
Samsung 980 PRO 2TB M.2 SSD (2x)
Seagate Firecuda 1TB
ROG RTX3080-O10G-Gaming
Monitor 1: ROG STRIX XG349C
Monitor 2: Samsung HDTV T27D590
ROG Claymore
ROG Spatha X
ROG Balteus Qi
Windows 11

Crasje wrote:
you need a technical university degree to make any sense of the first message.... Djesus, how complex can you make things?

And you have to see what we find out, using the xmp profiles, affecting the app and windows communication with the board, and how Windows 2004 stops the process on the background with any notice and how we find out that.
Is hard even for my friend that is good on windows and have a master degree on that
Learn, Play Enjoy!