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Armory Crate is getting better!! I also found a few bugs & have aura input.

Level 8
Long story short, yesterday I did a fresh win10 install with only Armory crate, ROG 7.1, and GPU Tweak 2 installed in an attempt to get all my Aura devices to play together(been testing stuff for a week or so now). So far, all 11 items are syncing up like they should be. Way better then any of my attempts with multiple arua controlling programs installed. I'm convened that when you have multiple aura programs, they fight over the lighting service and that causes weird issues. Ive reinstalled all my other programs/games and all my aura continues to work like it should!

Crate+Fresh Windows=Aura Sync Bliss!

BUG- I also got a Chakram mouse a bit over a week ago(I know, kinda weird, somehow got it before the official release)....either way. I mapped the two side button to copy/paste and I found that I have to open up crate and navigate to the button mapping page before that mapping will take effect. Otherwise it acts like the button is unmapped.

BUG- I've also noticed that the color on my Magnus is a bit off from the rest of my aura items. Specifically a pink color (226, 0, 40). System is "elecrto pink" and the Magnus is pink but with more red in it. Would be cool if there was a correction or offset value for each piece of hardware.

Bug- Philips hue bridge, lights turn on(to default white) when booting up or waking up pc. Also very limited on lighting effects.

Bug- Kinda a bug but kinda not. The Armory Crate comparability list, I understand that Crate is "still in the process of" but a comprehensive compatability list is very necessary. For example, I have the spotlight, throne, and Magnus. All 3 work but arn't listed. Then I also have 2 slightly older flagship products(claymore and spatha) that I'd expect to work but they don't(I understand they arnt listed but being flagship products, they are expected to work because of their price point). I actually bought a new mouse/keyboard specifically because Crate couldn't control them...

Input- Unified effects across hardware. For example, I like the "starry night" effect(pink sky, white 'stars") but I cant set it as a default on my Chakram mouse or Ryou aio or Motherboard. Basically have it set up where each "effect set" is available everywhere instead of hardware specific. Granted I do understand that not all effects are possible due to number an density of leds, but an attempt should be made so that there's a uniform set of effects across all hardware.

Input- Also it should be possible to set up individual effects/colors for each piece of hardware. Like, say I want my GPU to breath purple, the aio to strobe blue and everything else to be red/white starry night.

Inut- Layering of lighting effects would be cool also. Starry night as a background and ripple or reactive over it would look pretty cool!

Input- I also liked the way color cycling working in Armory 2 where you could choose the color cycle order

I know there's a lot to sort through here but I figure that more info is better than none. If anyone wants more info, feel free to contact me.