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Armory Crate / Aura Creator only one Digital RGB output???

Level 7
Upgraded my old mobo to Maximus Formula XI and tried to wrap my head around the lighting software.

In settings in Armory Crate I can identify both my dRGB outputs. But when I try to set different colors on dRGB1 and dRGB2 (strips) I can't. If I used AURA Creator (app Windows Store) it doesn't help. I can only sync dRGB 1 and 2!

I understand that the "classic" Aura (Lightning Control) can corrupt installations of Armory Crate. I am under the impression that ASUS is moving away from those older software snippets and focusing on Armory Crate. Have I misunderstood this? Why can Lightning Control change every little piece of the RGB lightning and Armory can't? Am I doing something wrong?

Am I supposed to use both softwares? Will there be no conflict?

Or is this just a case of some software programmer being lazy at ASUS?

Level 9
I and others here have experienced issues with both installed. I had to reset Windows 10 to fix it, and make sure I'm only running Armoury Crate. It's horrible, but it "works".