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Armory 2.04.07 Fails to install Firmware Updates for Claymore and Gladius II

Level 7
Armory 2.04.07 has an error about shell32.dll when trying to update firmware on my Claymore keyboard and Gladius II mouse.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

See Screenshots below

Level 7
My Armory 2.04.07 doesn't even offer me a firmware update. I'm stuck at 1.08.00 on my Claymore Core. How to force it?

Level 7
Hello , just to report that after claymore firmware update when i am using custom lighting profile my rog logo does't lit up, when i am using predefined profile everything is ok , i am sure that this is something with firmware because i rolled back to previous software version and everything is good ...

In my case, I just bought a Claymore Core (Cherry Red) and installed the Amoury II software and rebooted. When I open Armoury the mouse goes nuts and I am unable to do anything other than Ctrl-Alt-Del and tab around to restart the system. I happen to be using a Razer DeathAdder 3.5G mouse and Logitech G933 Artemis headphones. No idea if there is some form of incompatibility. I uninstalled and moved to the last Amoury v1 release from December 2017 and the issues go away and I received the notification of a firmware update. I was able to download and update the firmware. Gave Armoury II a shot again and it was a failure. Moved back to the v1 release and plan on contacting customer support.