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ARGB brightness and on-off control in different power saving modes

Level 7

Hi All!

I have a new MB ROG Strix Z790-H in my system and three channels of ARGB devices, connected to headers on MB. Latest Asus Armoury Crate and Aura Creator are installed and working. There is an options to set color, speed and type of effects, but how i can set brightness of my ARGB Strips?  I can`t find such option... And the other thing - my system is running 24/7, but my monitor is set to enter power saving mode after 20 min of inactivity. How i can setup the Aura software so, that all RGB devices go off when power saving mode is activated and monitor screen goes off?  Such an option was on my old MB from MSI and also this can do my Logitech keyboard and mouse... 


Level 7

I have solved this problem to turn off ARGB devices in sleep mode. A small program, written by me using AutoIT can help. It contains a timer of inactivity, puts monitor to energy saving mode and start custom profile in Armoury Crate, that is associated with it. This profile configures all ARGB devices to "dark mode". When you move mouse or hit a key - it cancels dark profile and my devices are lit again. If someone need this functionality - i can share this program and its sources.