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Ambilight effect with Aura Sync?

Level 9
Hi. I have like 100 addressable leds connected to addressable header on asus motherboard.

Works fine with aura sync or armory crate.

But wonder if there is any software that can recreate ambilight effects based on screen colours.

Or maybe aura sync can add this option?

Will be great to have it since now most motherboards comes with addressable headers for leds stripes.


Level 7
Hello, I want to buy WS2812b adressable led strip and connect it to Asus Strix x570-f Gaming MB and cant find how to make it work as "ambilight" in games ?

Level 9
You cant. Aura / Armoury only support a few games that have some ingame effects, but not ambilight. Games like Euro truck 2, mk11 and many others.

If you want to have ambilight effects, you need to try third party software. Not sure wich one, there are many but most are very limited.

Level 8
Third party software such as Ambibox might work, but most of them (software control for Ambilight clones) are highly optimised for certain SoCs. You're unlikely to find great support, especially since Philips - the trademark and patent owner - has been going after Ambilight clones and software offering that sort of functionality.
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