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AISuite III in B85M-G with Win 10X64 and other problems

Level 7
Hello people, my first participation in the forum.
I am an enthusiast of ASUS since I started a long time ago in computer science, currently I continue with "my old" BG85M-G R2.0, this morning I updated the BIOS to the latest version (Thanks for reminding us!) And I have a problem that I have seen reflected in many forums, including those of MicroSoft.

I use Windows 10X64 (previously Win 7 X64) with an i8 4790K and 16GB RAM HyperX and every so often I used to do OC in my machine with AI Suite III that always gave me good results. I used a GTX 970 4G until yesterday and today I am premiering a 1070ti

Obviously, we all seem to be after the same thing: AN AI SUITE THAT WORKS !.

In the forum MSoft directly say that there are changes to the vulnerabilities of Meltdown & Specter so it is ASUS who must update their software in any case ( -appscat_tools / windows-10-% C3% BC last-update% C3% B6n / 108c9774-524d-4e80-91de-39672a66d202) apologize, the forum is in Spanish but can be translated automatically.

I would like to know if ASUS has become aware of this and is going to perform an AI SUITE update for this range of motherboards.

I know it's not the last, but in comparison with my i7 4790K without OC, I'm not "so far" from the current i7 8790 as I saw in all the benchmarkings that are on the network, I do not justify a change of motherboard (had considered The ROG together with an i7 of 8th gen, but it was a lot of expense and little difference of performances in games, which is what interests me, that is why I inclined also for the 1070ti and not the 1080, because of the cost benefit)
Mainly I run X-Plane 11, DCS World, Just Cause 3, COD, Battlefield Hard Line, GTA V, etc.

It would not hurt to have AI Suite again to have everything under control and perform OC easily without having to enter the BIOS at any time in trial and error.

Well, I hope you can give us an answer, ah ... and even with the AISuite3Cleaner I was able to remove the remains of the program, I had to use the Revo Uninstaller and everything went back to normal. It also made me conflict with the USB using the USB 3 Boost (I had to unpack my old PS / 2 mouse to be able to finish with the problem and reinstall the drivers of the motherboard)

Daniel from Argentina

Hi Wolfie_24

Welcome to the ROG forum.

I'll make the correction as I believe your board is the B85M-G.

You shouldn't have to install any drivers as windows 10 installs all the necessary drivers, the only thing you should need to do after installing windows 10 is update the graphics driver.

As for the bios, I see the latest version for your board is 3602 and was released 04-09-2018. It has the updated cpu microcode which should have you protected from Spectre. Fully update windows 10 Fall Creators Update to be protected from Meltdown.

Have you installed AI Suite 3 from the ASUS Support Center? The latest version for your board is 1.01.02 for windows 10.

Select your operating system.

To be sure you're protected you can run the Spectre/Meltdown cpu checker.