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AISuite fails to start after Windows update KB4056892 (Intel vulnerability patch)

Level 13
It fails to start with "The Sever Threw an Exception" Error box.

The services and AISuite executable appears to be actually running, but the AISuite GUI does not start.

Please fix Asus (should have been on top of this I would think).

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for me temp fix
uninstall the latest update KB4056892 restart system as its required, let it roll back

- disable windows 10 updates* tho i do not like doing this, for now its the only choice if u really want the ASUS suite to run

"in desktop search bar type "services" scroll down until you find "windows update" right click it / properties / disable, then apply
restart system and asus suit will be running as per normal"

asus maximus hero vIII z170 (3504 Bios) latest ME tool update aswell ect
windows 10 home /version 1709
i5 6600k @ 4.4 ghz
corsair legacy 32gb @ 2400mhz

nice to see Asus was sooooo quick to do a beta version for suite 3 and nothing for suite 2. Why nothing for suite 2? Surely they could have had something released by now. And not a single word from them about it either

Maybe no fix coming at all cause they know we have a work around, rolling back the security patch on windows....i for one, dont like that idea. Asus, PLEASE tell me you ARE working on an update for suite 2??

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Windows 10 Prosfessional
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G SKill Ripjawz 32GB @2133Mhz
2x Asus GTX 1080's OC Editions
Asus DVD Drive
Seasonic Gold series 1250W PSU
NZXT Phantom 820 Full Case

Since installing the latest patch Ai Suite 2 has been un usable. One strange thing is that the overclocking component of AI Suite 2 is is still functional.

I am running an Intel Asus P8Z68 Deluxe/Gen3 which has been happily running up until this patch.

To get full functionality i have backed out the kb4056892 and disable the windows updates at this time

AndyVee wrote:
Same issue here plus gpufanhelper service failed to load ( presume this is from gputweak ) .
Pretty poor show from Asus lately on support , lots of issues with their utilities with no / slow updates , I will be checking out MSI for my next refresh after many years of ROG products .

I've had so many problems with AI Suite over the years, and particularly with my new board (ROG Strix X299-XE Gaming), it's unbelievable. Particularly the fanspeed section of AI Suite is nothing but trouble in my experience. Fans running inexplicably too fast or too slow or not at all happens constantly. Sometimes it helps to re-load the profile or exit AI Suite and restart it, sometimes it doesn't.

Some weeks ago now AI Suite would stop accepting my GPUs as a source for fanspeed; after pulling one of my crossfire cards the checkbox for GPU vanished from the source selection box, and it would never work again after that even though I uninstalled AI Suite completely and re-installed it again. GPU checkbox re-appeared after re-installing the 2nd board, but it wouldn't do anything. Checking just GPU as source for fanspeed led to fans sitting dead at zero RPM even when the GPUs ran nuclear furnace hot.

Then there's the crashes... Every few days, AI Suite crabs its pants, throwing up an error window once every few seconds saying stuff like 'loadimage failed. could not load c:\whatever\whatever\aisuite\dot.png' or somesuch, until the windows taskbar is packed full of these little error windows, and then AI Suite crashes completely. Sometimes it throws up another error repeatedly until it again crashes; variations on a theme.

Plus, it's a terribly designed user interface, slow and clunky. You can't set waterpump headers as regular fan headers so you can rename them and set a fan position, making it more difficult to manage the fans than it should be.

Really terrible program all around. Unless substantial improvements in ASUS' software quality is made soon, I won't remain an ASUS customer, after 20 1/2 years. (first PC mobo I owned was ASUS Tx97 Smart for Socket-7 CPUs bought in early summer of 1997...)

Level 7
geneo wrote:
It fails to start with "The Sever Threw an Exception" Error box.

The services and AISuite executable appears to be actually running, but the AISuite GUI does not start.

Please fix Asus (should have been on top of this I would think).

My update was KB4056891 yesterday and it killed AISuite 3 and GPUTweak II. Uninstalled it and everything is working again. Guess we have to wait for an updated version of AISuite and GPUTweak before we can even think about installing the newest security patch.

After having so many problems with ASUS software on my new build, I have decided to uninstall all of them!

The ASUS support center is even worse than they software, changing the contact point in every email!
After 10 day a new person from support center contacted me and he didn't even read the case before contacting me...
Then another one contacted me requesting to describe the problem from the beginning:confused:

After all of this, I have decided to clean install windows again without installing any ASUS crappy software!
everything is more stable now:)

Level 12
Intel is secretly firefighting a major hardware security vulnerability affecting its entire x86 processor lineup. The hardware-level vulnerability allows unauthorized memory access between two virtual machines (VMs) running on a physical machine, due to Intel's flawed implementation of its hardware-level virtualization instruction sets. OS kernel-level software patches to mitigate this vulnerability, come at huge performance costs that strike at the very economics of choosing Intel processors in large-scale datacenters and cloud-computing providers, over processors from AMD. Ryzen, Opteron, and EPYC processors are inherently immune to this vulnerability, yet the kernel patches seem to impact performance of both AMD and Intel processors.

I'd like to deploy my troops in her country.

Level 7

getting this on just GPU tweak II installed on my PC
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Same here, after this Windows Patch AI Suite 3 don't work anymore.
I hope Asus can solve this soon because without AI Suite 3 I feel naked!

Level 15
Yep. Same issue here.
MZ790A Bios 2002, GSkill F5-8000J3848H16GX2-TZRK, 13900KS, EKWB D5 TBE 300, Seasonic Prime TX-1600 ATX 3.0, Asus Strix 4090 w/ Optimus block, Phanteks Enthoo Elite, Asus Claymore 2, Asus Gladius 3, Asus XG349C, Samsung 990, Windows 11 Pro