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AISuite 3 3.01.10 Fan Xpert 4 problems

Level 9
AsPowerBAr gadget with Fan Xpert 4 fails while selecting fan speeds with error: "assertion failed...false file...DIP4_Gadget\FANEXPER2...FxFan.cpp line nnnn" except "full speed" that is not calibrated nor in fan profile -no need for that.

No idea where FANEXPER2 is, not in REG or any location. The installer didn't create what's locking for!
Back to previous ver. 3.00.79 all O.K. Returned to 3.01.10 without taking a look if that FANEXPER2 was in the prev. ver.
EPU, PC Cleaner... working good on 3.01.10 AsPowerBAr gadget as well as all fan profiles running in AISuite3->FanXpert 4 software.

What's going on with this new version? any idea?

Windows 10 22H2. Recently updated to 22H2!
Maximus XIII Extreme (Z590) with AI Suite 3 taking control only CPU + a back fan. Rest of fans with System Board ROG Fan Controller.

Any help will be appreciate and thanks in advance.

Level 9
Same on Windows 11 -new/fresh installation!