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AI Suite + Sabertooth P67

Level 7
so i see here that newer motherboards got updated ai suite 3 that works after this f*****d up microsoft update. Okey thats fine. But what about older motherboards?
I had enough f*****g problem with setting up AI suite 2 on windows 10 (hehe sabertooth p67 didnt get any windows 8.1/10 ai suites - f******g great). I needed to install version for another motherboard (and i spend like whole day to find the one that works) then i needed fan xpert from another different motherboard. And then finally i was ready TO CONTROL MY FANS. All this work only to control my f******g fans.
So im here ASUS, please tell me in face that you dont give a s**t about me, and my motherboard that i bought for ridicolous price back in the day.
If u dont gonna update ai suite for older motherboards i will never buy anything from you. Cuz right now im in my room right next to my PC and my f******g fans are running at 60% minimum cuz i cant f*****g turn them down on BIOS and im gonna get crazy in like few days in noise like that.