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AI Suite III / Dual Intelligent Process 5 Not Working

Level 7
Motherboard: Maximus VII Formula, so this is supposed to run ...
Had AI Suite uninstalled for a long time, but been trying to trouble shoot some sleep issues recently. Installed latest version from support for board, but I notice the 5 way optimisation is greyed out, and I can't switch between the performance / energy saving / away modes ... i.e. the DIP5 module is not working.

Any thoughts? Is this just unsupported now? Windows 10 has moved on, there is not fix? Or does anyone know a work around?

Level 7
Just to update, just seen this thread, and since I also had 2004 installed, I updated using the link in that thread, but it's made no difference

I installed Avast One Antivirus and it was blocking the software Asus AI 3, so it was grayed out. So I uninstalled the antivirus and all is working fine again.