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AI Suite and Windows 10 1809

Level 7
Are there any known issues with Ai Suite and Windows 10 1809?

Level 9
yeah. the main issue is broken DIP.

Level 10
It amazes me how Asus can make such amazing hardware...yet their software is historically SO terrible. I've had to do a fresh Win10 Pro install because of how broken Ai Suite III, Aura, and Live Dash made my system! It's really quite sad how they can screw it up so much. Can they just not hire enough engineers to write good code?

Level 13
This is what plagues the planet with the less is more when it comes to staffing. There is a small group that does basically everything on every board. They are tasked with supporting what is, was and whats going to be. They mostly do a 9-5 and get done with what ever they can in that time frame and resume the next day. Crappy thankless job.......Only thing worse IT related are the folks working financial data centers where the turn over rate is very high. If not from caving over the stress of getting fired over something stupid its just getting fired because something doesn't go exactly right and you were the supervisor at home in bed asleep when it went down.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein

Level 11
Wish they fix DIP , I use that the most between summer and winter OC settings. it's a pain to have to keep starting DIPAwayMode.exe in Admin every time I reboot to force the dll to work so I can use my saved settings.
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Level 7

liuhongxin1993 wrote:
华硕是越来越不重视体验了 (Asus is getting less and less attention to the experience.)

Seems that way.