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Ai Suite & other Mobo Utils for Linux please

Level 7
Folks at Asus,

Can we please get Linux support at the same level of Windows? I'm on my 5th Asus motherboard since 2001/2002 (3 others purchased for friends/family members). That is a total of 8 motherboards plus video cards, monitors, and a router. I buy Asus products because I like the quality, polish and attention to detail. I know the established place in the market that Windows has but I'm increasingly frustrated/dissatisfied with Microsoft and their products. I like the freedom that Linux offers.

When I purchase computer hardware products I specifically look for Linux support. While I didn't see any specific Linux based utilities for my Crosshair VI Hero (Wi-Fi AC) mobo, I ended up choosing Asus again because of the quality and polish. I considered MSI, AsRock and Gigabyte but they lacked some of the features I wanted and no Linux utilities. If Asus had Ai Suite and the other mobo utilities for Linux then Asus would have won my $$$ by default.

The fact that no motherboard manufacturer has made a full suite of native Linux utilities (that are bundled with their products) presents a great opportunity to win customers. Windows 10 and Microsoft's handling of Win 7 & 10 (privacy issues and user settings being reverted by Windows Update) will surely irritate customers (myself included). There are many of us who would gladly kick Windows off of our PCs if we could get the games we love running as native Linux executables. Some of this has already happened given the amount of Linux support for games on Steam.

While I'm assembling my new rig, we get the MS security patch for Meltdown and Spectre which nukes the Ai Suite in Win10. I was able to get the BETA version installed to test and verify functionality in Win 10. However, this was a prime opportunity to side step the issue on Win 10 if a working Linux version was available.

As a point of reference I plan on testing out the following distros with my new motherboard:
- Linux Mint 18.3 (Cinnamon and MATE)
- Ubuntu 17.10
- Ubuntu MATE 17.10
- Manjaro 17.1.1

If time permits I'll load up Fedora and take Gnome 3 for a spin.

Come on Asus make this a reality. Its time to step up and be a trend-setter.

Level 7
Id like to say that I agree with this and in light of Microsofts latest forced updates fiascos and the fact that even they recognize Linux by joining the Linux Foundation and now contributing to open source is indicative of the strength and world wide usage of Linux. I like the Original poster have been using ASUS products for quite awhile using Linux so I know there is some hardware support and that the hardware works very well in Linux ,but there also need to be software support as well. Imagine the user base and consumer base that is lost due to the lack of software and strong support that is obvious and defined clearly ,