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AI Suite 3 Version 3.00.10 & 3.00.13 - user test/report thread

Community Admin
Community Admin
Please check the product support page for your board and download Ai Suite 3.00.14 or 3.00.13 (if available).

If you have a Ryzen-based system:

Ai Suite 3.00.13 updated for compatibility with Ryzen power plans (no other changes):

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I feel like my computer is louder now fan wise. My computer was dead silent before and fans never really needed to ramp up when gaming. With the beta and this version my top fan especially seems to be spinning up and slowing down constantly and its super annoying.

Fort all users experiencing problems with new AI Suite 3 version have a question.
Do you people have the latest BIOS version installed?
Not sure if related but maybe it is as first i updated BIOS then installed the AI Suite 3 latest and it works, don't know if it would with older BIOS version.
Also related to GPU info i have run Fan Tuning it was not showing or i did not pay attention.
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I had abandoned aisuite which caused huge problems under the Rampage V E and there have never been any updates for 3 years.
I just installed the new aisuite 3.00.13 over the 2.00.09 under the R6E and the person who worked on it did a good job, it's stable.

ASUS Maximus VIII Ranger

Uninstalled everything, restarted in safe mode, run cleaner 2 & 3
Rebooted from safe mode to normal windows mode
Installed 3.00.13
Everything works.

Restarted 1 hour later all seem to work except FanXPert : access violation at address 05B1B5A2 in module 'dip4.dll'


Check out this topic
Seems MS KB4073290 fixes the issue with old AISuites 😉

Have the same issues with AI Suite 3 and also the ROG Front Base no longer shows any data.

I hope that Asus are actually working on an update for these drivers/software applications.

i have motherboard X99-E-10G WS - and use aisuite previous 3.00.13 and working perfect
next step installa windows 10 update for bug intel and aisuite3 stop working
Now installa 3.00.13 and aisuite 3 working perfect but:

versione 3.00.13 force windows 10 use profile "power plan = balanced"
i have change to : high performance but when reboot pc the profile auto change to : balanced
Only solutions is remove aisuite3.
I can not find a solution to keep the profile in higt performacen - only solutions is remove aisuite.
If join on program aisuite the performance is selected= performance and EPU is enable and not disabled.
But the big problem and that "balance profile " force my system to sleep, and my pc poweroff and my program is hung.
old aisuite programs did not make this mess
I want the possibility of using the high perfercormance profile!!
thanks for support

I figured the same problem too...

This is being looked into. May need another update.

Having the exact same issue here with Prime x370-Pro