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AI Suite 3 Version 3.00.10 & 3.00.13 - user test/report thread

Community Admin
Community Admin
Please check the product support page for your board and download Ai Suite 3.00.14 or 3.00.13 (if available).

If you have a Ryzen-based system:

Ai Suite 3.00.13 updated for compatibility with Ryzen power plans (no other changes):

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teshreve wrote:
Thanks. That did it.
I installed the app and pretty much hate it. Seems buggy on the fans. Re-setup in BIOS and all is back to boring normal now.

I have installed the 2 temp sensors and really just want a lightweight applet type thing to see them. Integrated in Afterburner would be sooo sweet.
Thanks again for the help!

You can get them in afterburner. The newest Afterburner and HWINFO have integrations to share memory, and the asus extended motherboard sensors work, thats what I'm doing.

Level 7
Getting Access Violation on Dip4.dll when trying to run Fan Xpert on Hero viii z170 board

Level 7
Strix x99 mobo
6850K CPU
1080 ti GPU
64gb RAM

I have AI Suite III version 1.01.45 installed with DIP5 version 1.03.50 because that's the latest version that I can get working. Whenever I install 3.00.13 which only comes with DIP45 version 1.05.14 I get this error: "server execution failed progid:aaHMacpiHmData2". Why is it doing this?


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Perhaps sharing details of how you were configuring fan xpert may help. The test system passed aging tests, so there has to be something different.

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Just passing along that AI Suite III, 3.00.13 works with my ROG MAXIMUS VIII HERO ALPHA Z170 without any problems 🙂

Level 7
hello, i'm using the latest beta linked on the first page on my x370 pro prime for ryzen, and i have a strix 1070 as gpu. unfortunately, after the infamous windows update, gpu is not even shown in the aisuite (before, with the old version, everything was working fine, and cpu speed too. any help on how to make the aisuite fully working again? thank you

Level 7
Why the "AsusSetup.exe.manifest" file this time is not included in the pack (1-st page)?
Was it occasionally forgotten or it shouldn't be present now?

Level 7
Any idea when a verified version for a Maximus Hero X (Wi-Fi) will be released?

There is anyway to have hotkeys with Fan Xpert 4 in AI Suite?

Level 7
Windows version 1803 build 17134.1
aisuite absolut not working
waiting for new software version