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AI Suite 3 Keeps Crashing and Freezing my PC!

Level 7
I bought my new PC around a month ago. Specs :
At first, I wanted to buy the B450 Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard from MSI, but I later decided on the ROG Strix B450-E for one specific reason : ASUS' well-known software. I loved the amount of attention Asus gave its software (AI Suite, Armory Crate, Aura Sync, etc.) Little did I know, their software is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. At first, I loved Asus' Fan Expert 4 in the AI Suite software. It was causing me a ton of random crashes, making all fans suddenly spin fast and loud, the monitor go blank, power and reset buttons unable to do anything, only the power supply switch would turn it off. Before I knew it was the culprit causing the crashes, I used to use it regularly since I liked the control it gave me over the fans. It didn't allow me to tweak my fans to their full extent though (or so I thought) so I tried tweaking them in the BIOS to my linking and I played in the fan curves stuff and I still couldn't tweak them to my liking simply because I couldn't. The fans I want to tweak are the front case fans, which are 3-pins and are connected to a fan header that doesn't support DC. If I knew that from the beginning, I would've never bothered tweaking them. Anyway, now that my BIOS and Fan Xpert 4 fan curves / profiles are different, I think that's what might be causing the crashes. People here on this forum seem to be hating AI Suite 3 and uninstall it whenever they realize its issues. As for me, I want to do the same, but I honestly need the features of Fan Xpert 4 so much. It's obviously much better than the BIOS' Qfan, so I still want to look for anyway around this problem without having to uninstall my beloved AI Suite 3. In short, here is what I want to do :
1-Reset the fan modes / curves / settings in the BIOS without having to reset my other BIOS settings.
The real cause of the problem might not be directly Fan Xpert 4, but the fact that the Fan Profiles / settings in the BIOS and inj Fan Xpert 4 are different. That's what might be causing the crashes, so to make sure it's entirely Fan Xpert's fault, I need to retry with having the BIOS fan settings reset to default first. How do I do that?
2- Fix Fan Xpert 4 in general...The program is just broken, I mean, look at this for example

Obviously, Inaccurate data, horribly wrong monitoring, everything is just broken. It literally says the CPU temp is sub-zero. Like what the actual frick (christian forum) is going on?
Fan Xpert 4 (one of AI Suite 3's programs) is causing me a lot of problems and I am looking for a solution to its madness and an alternative, if possible.
Some things I should mention:
X- I'm on the BIOS version that the motherboard came with. The retailer I bought the build from told me that I shouldn't worry about updating my BIOS unless I face problems that require updating it to solve them. Idk if updating it would give me any extra performance though
X- When the PC is booting up, the fans spin at a normal speed. Once Windows fully loads, the fans spin faster. That's most probably because I have the Turbo mode on in Fan Xpert. i.e. once AI Suite starts with the system booting, it puts the fans on the turbo profile so they speed up.
X- I absolutely hate Asus now. Bragging about the amount of software support and software perks it provides on the product page of almost each one of their Motherboards, but only as a sort of marketing and nothing else. The programs themselves are broken, at least based on my experience, and the attention they actually give to them is minor. Now that I think about it, I wish I have gone for the B450 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard instead. ASUS' MARKETING TEAM, I LOATHE YOU FOR LURING ME INTO BUYING YOUR OVERPRICED BOARD WITH YOUR BROKEN SOFTWARE.