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AI Suite 3 Fan Control

Level 11
After a Windows reinstall, I made the unfortunate mistake of believing AI Suite 3 would again properly control the fans so I installed it. Instead AI Suite Fan Xpert just had the fans blast away almost out of control, so I just gave up after it no longer worked as it used to and nothing seemed to help and the fans would just blast away no matter what the settings were. That meant uninstalling and controlling from the Bios. That worked fine, but now those files from AI Suite 3 are still there despite uninstalling. Worse yet is that those AI Suite 3 files are still controlling the fans despite an AI Suite 3 uninstall. What it means is I have to restart and go into the BIos and then all is good. But starting and restarting and going to the Bios every day is a hassle.

There is an AI Suite 3 cleaner that Raja posted but it simply does not work. Can you just manually delete the Asus FanControlService File? Anyone?

Edit: Solution: Reinstall Windows (again) and DO NOT install AI Suite 3 (ever again, lol).
Thanks in advance for any help or thoughts. I'd forgotten Asus software is cancer.