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AI Suite 3 BUG EPU not compatible with fan %100

Level 7

I wanted to see how much I would need to turn TDP down to safely stress test CPU on the notoriously mediocre Intel CPU cooler. to be safe I started at 30W and did a stress test going up in 5w increments for each individual test.

the bug:
ASUS provides 4 fan expert profiles and allows user profiles to be saved. however, only 3 ASUS fan expert profiles are available to choose as a preset for Power Save mode. the profile I need is CPU fan %100. I can not use user fan profiles in power save. the only workaround for the problem is to first select EPU->power save then select fan expert->full fan profile.

as it is right now a stress test at full TDP on an intel cooler will probably be dangerous. and a stress test at 50w with fan at 600 RPM super risky. AI suite should detect CPU load %100 in EPU power save and please please please asus don't turn my fan off. use the data do the right thing. %99 of intel based motherboards on the market throttle CPU fan with cpu load by default.

feature request: option to disable hyperthreading from within AI suite. AI suite disables hyperthreading at some predetermined low TDP target threshold.