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AI Suite 3 Auto Power Saving Formula (EPU) freezes PC (Windows 10)

Level 7
I just got a Z97-WS with a i7-4790k, liquid cooler, and tons of fans.... and on Windows 10 x64 Enterprise. I rebuild the OS with nearly every build of Win 10.

Problem: Once I install the OS and all my software, I get ready to run the 5-way optimization. BEFORE I run it, I'm able to select the Auto Power Saving Formula and it sticks. No problem.

As soon as I run an Optimization, I can't pick Auto any more. Picking Auto makes AIS 3 dim and I see the spinner as if it were really changing the profile, except it hangs and locks the PC. The only way out is to hard-boot. So, I can't use Auto.

Anyone else have this problem or have suggestions on how to deal with this?

Running AIS 3 1.00.98.

Level 14
JimBob why don't you post this in the Window 10 testing thread your answer may be there already?
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