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AI Suite 3.00.78

Level 7
Hello everyone.
Just updated the ai suite to the version 3.00.78 with my b-550E but everything has gone I was using mainly the Fan xpert and even that is gone. Anyone having the same issue?

Level 9
Try reinstall and if did not reboot after reinstall do that first.

I have ASUS_AI_Suite_3_V3.00.59_WIN10_64-bit
And I only have two things. I do not see the whole list such is the example of this site

Where can I find the latest version and how do I get everything correct ?

I don't have the CPU, the FAN and my computer is running the fans all the way, impossible to adjust. Because I have nothing in AI suite.



There's only that to install, I don't understand where is the rest? The FAN, the CPU etc...
My computer cannot adjust CPU fan and computer fan without AI suite.

After uninstalling, reinstalling 3 times, I succeeded, finally he was able to list everything. I don't understand why there was this problem.