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Ai Suite 2 fan control workaround

Level 7

After clean install of windows 10 with all the updates, and then installing AI Suite 2 (which obviously crashes at application start) - my mobo is not compatible with AI Suite 3 - there was no way to adjust the default very loud chassis fans' speed. I even tryied to do it in BIOS, but there the minimum speed is 60% for some reason.

SO i started to search for a workaround. Didnt found any, but found info that fan control service loads properly even tho AI Suite app wont start.

So i thought there must be some config file which it uses, and yes it does. I was able to reduce the speed of chassis fans by following these steps:

1. Opened task manager and navigated to "services" tab.
2. found "AsusFanControlService" (you must have AI suite installed)
3. right click on it and chose "go to details" (loose translation on my part here)
4. right click the same position in the altered view and chose "open file location".

That should open folder where its config is. In my case its: C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AsusFanControlService\1.02.00

5. Open "FanStore.xml" file, preferably with app like notepad++

There you can find the steps of temps and speeds. Similar to what we had visually shown in fan xpert app. In my case i have seen 3 temp profiles for cpu and 3 for chassis fans.
I havent touched CPU, but adjusted the chassis values to these values:

I can only assume "255" is 100% cause that was default for the 3rd profile with name "Temp2" (temp0, temp1, temp2).

WHen i set chassis fans to have "speed0" value to "60" (or perhaps it was 50) the chassis fans stopped as soon as windows got to login screen where services are being launched in background, so i assumed its to low for my chassis fans to roll.

Feel free to play with the minimum values, and watch how your fans react to the different minimum values after you restart windows. I think its best to keep them rolling even at minimum speed. ANd i guess the minimum speed is different for different fans.

6. save the file and restart windows
You should hear&see difference somewhere around windows login screen.

Im happy i have reduced noise of my PC fans this way. Of course it would be better to have AI SUite 2 work with latest windows 10 version, but thats up to Asus team and their respect toward customers.

Let me know what you guys think of this solution. So far i didnt had any problems with it. Also: You do any changes on your own risk. Im just sharing what i did and what helped me. Perhaps it may help you aswell, but im not expert.

Level 7
I got thermal control + fan xpert but i still dont have "AsusFanControlService" in task manager

lukiboss wrote:
I got thermal control + fan xpert but i still dont have "AsusFanControlService" in task manager

Have you checked "services" tab in task manager? Its not process, its a service.

So first of all, after system boot i got this message:

I found that asusfancontrolservice but its not running. I cant turn it on and i cant "open file location"

lukiboss wrote:
So first of all, after system boot i got this message:
I found that asusfancontrolservice but its not running. I cant turn it on and i cant "open file location"

Its normal that its stopped. Its stopped for me aswell. It starts, do its job and stops. At least thats what i think it do, cause it was always shown as "stopped" for me aswell, but it does change fan speed around time of windows login screen after restart according to values i set in the file.

If you cant "go to details" ("przejdź do szczegółów"), you can find the file location by clicking "open services" ("otwórz usługi"), then "AsusFanControlService" there and click "properties". You will find the path to the folder. Go to that folder, and there you will find the FanStore.xml.

I dont know why you are getting this error. Im not getting it. Are you getting it since windows update, or you changed the file and then it started showing? If you changed the file and that was the reason of the error, paste here your FanStore.xml content and lets see what might be the cause.

A few more hints for people stuck with no update for AI Suite II:

* The fan service should stay up. This is part of the problem that makes AI Suite 2 not work at the moment. Something similar happens with what appears to be the Probe service (for temps).
* However, it is able to run most of the code to change the fan speed before crashing. This means that it should not be needed to restart the PC to test settings after changing FanStore.xml. Just try to restart the service.
* The newest version of the fan control service bundled in AI Suite 3 may work with older motherboards (or it may completely screw up your motherboard and/or other things). It does work for me mostly ok with my P9X79 (one fan is not controllable though, and it should). This will make it stay up and perhaps behave a bit more stable, depending on your model. To use it, you can try replacing the files after installing AI Suite II by taking them from the AI Suite 3 DIP directory, or if not by overwriting the fan service files of AI Suite 3 in the AI Suite 2 installer.
* ASUS uses OLE components for intercommunication between AI Suite and the backend services. Coding an OLE wrapper with the newest fan service from AI Suite 3 will grant control to the fans without the frontend app AI suite.