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Adobe Acrobat.

Level 7
I cannot open pdf file in Adobe Acrobat. Every time when I try to open it, I receive this error message: "There was a problem reading this document ". Could anyone suggest me a proper way how fix broken pdf file?

Level 7
Is there someone who can help with this issue?

Level 13

Contact Adobe

Level 14
You could download a new copy of the PDF document, if that's where it originally came from.

You could uninstall/reinstall Adobe, then try opening the PDF document again.

You could try an alternative PDF Reader (like one of these) - there's literally dozens to choose from and many are completely free. Adobe (Acrobat) PDF has been around forever and it basically built the whole PDF standard, but the common complaint is that Adobe has become a huge, bloaty, complex, multifaceted monster - glacially slow, unwieldy, and sometimes very crashy - it now supports hundreds of advanced features and complexities which are used by only the tiniest fraction of PDF documents or by the people reading them. So vast legions of non-Adobe PDF readers have constantly shadowed Adobe, built by people and for people who are frustrated by how much Adobe sucks.

If you insist on using Adobe then you might be very interested in AcroPDF SpeedUp - although you'll sometimes need to update this little app to a newer version when Adobe updates its own version.

There's also many "PDF document repair" utilities, though I've never used any, most aren't free, and none guarantee 100% recovery. If you try them, always work from a fresh copy of the damaged PDF instead of the original, so any changes (for the worse) made by the utilities aren't irrevocable.

As a last resort, you can try WinHex - it's the ultimate hex editor plus an entire suite of forensic data recovery tools. It may or may not actually be able to reconstruct a corrupted PDF file, but it can at least be used to view the file contents in raw byte formats, most of it might look like garbage but some or all of the text will still be readable.
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Sounds like the document became corrupt in the sending of the email. Ask the sender to send you a new copy of the attachment. Or use this application It reads pdf files and restores the data into a new file.

Good luck and Best Regards.

I have tried everything you suggested. Unfortunally no luck. Thanks for help anyway!


Thanks, I'll try this app.