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Add Speaker Fill Enhancement to Sonic Studio 3 Enhancement Options

Level 9

No matter what I do can't get streamed music to play through all horns on my analog 7.1 speakers connected to the 4 analog ports on my brand new $500 ROG Strix Z790-F Wifi.  This is just ridiculous.  None of the SS3 enhancements will apply to streamed media via Edge or  streaming apps such as Amazon Music PC App or Spotify using 7.1 or 5.1 external speakers.  Local mp3s when played through Media Player will upmix, but upmix is not the same as widening stereo to play on all 7.1 horns so the effect is horrible, literally nauseating.

ASUS needs to add the basic Stereo Fill enhancement or something similar in function to SS3 audio enhancements options and set the toggle up so that if UPMIX is enabled and Speaker Fill is Enabled it will automatically disable UPMIX and vice versa, that way the user cannot enable both upmix and speaker fill at the same time.  They also need to ensure the enhancements work as intended in the Windows Driver design guide so that things like this don't happen.

Solution should look like this:




Level 9

So ASUS just confirmed that their audio drivers don't provide the basic enhancement required to play music back through all 7.1 speakers.  This is basic audio driver functionality and for a $500 motherboard nothing less than fully functional drivers is acceptable.  I bought this board for the 7.1 audio not 7.1 audio sometimes.