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A short Fix for Aura Creator ( tested for German Systems)

Level 10
If you guys have problems with Aura Creator (lights stays dark) try to change the system language to United States:). Now all effects will work.

Tested on a German desktop system.

Don’t know why asus can’t this simple ****ttttt*

Level 11
Go English 🙂
InWin 909 Silver RGB build
ROG Maximus XII Apex
ROG Matrix 2080 ti
Gskill Trident Royal 4400 16g

Everything overclocked and love it.
ROG Awesomeness !!!!


I've issues too with Aura Crator version 1.2.4 with Armoury Crate version in Windws 10 in Spansh; only a few effects worked in white color or default rainbow, but most didn't. As suggested here, I've switched the display language for Windows 10 to English (USA) and now Aura Creator works fine for me, no reinstallation needed.
Now I know for sure that it's an Aura Creator malfunctiont, not my HW or SW evironment. But, come on! I'ts not reasonable to chage the entire system laguage to light up some LEDs.
Please Asus, fix this, if it works in English should work in other languages.

Thank you so much for the advice!