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2nd HDD visible as "Intel Raid 0 Volume"

Level 7

I've dual disk setup in my G75VW:
1st: WD Black WD5000BPKT (500gb Windows and Ubuntu alongside)
2nd: Original Hitachi 750gb with single ntfs partition for data (games, music, movies etc)

Recently I've re-installed my G75VW with Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 13.10 afterwards (removed all partitions). During installation I've disabled 2nd disk in bios via: Security -> Sata security -> 2nd disk -> Lock (texts might be slight different, but you know what I mean). After getting both systems up and running I've enabled 2nd hdd.

Now bumpy road begins 😉

2nd disk and it's contents are perfectly visible, readable and writable under Ubuntu, but Windows sees it as 'Intel Raid 0 Volume' in device manager and disk manager tries to "initialize disk" (i don't allow that) and shows 1TB of unpartitioned space.

Under windows I have all drivers installed from ASUS website.

Things I've already tried:
Reinstalling all dependent drivers (intel mostly)
Reseting bios to factory defaults
removing hdd, booting without it and then inserting it again
removing device from device manager
booting windows in safe mode

Nothing works 😞

Any clues will be greatly appreciated!

I don't want to waste time to do it all over again if it could just be the same afterwards.