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Z790 LED animation QOL suggestion/update (+ 1x Ryujin 2 QOL UI idea), Armory Crate implemntation

Level 9

I've been trying to get this message to the Motherboard people for z790, ArmoryCrate people and the (plus one item is for Ryujin 2 people). It's too difficult to figure out if anyone in the right people ever sees it (...and takes it seriously).

The display panel effect of the z790 hero  keeps changing between the special effect chosen and a default one, that you can't control. The default effect is on at least half the time and colors can't be changed, is multicolored with letters ROG. Can this be requested to the Armory Crate ASUS software team as there is no way to contact them:

  • Have the default effect which is the >multicolor cycle< with letters ROG changeable/switched off, and if it's the Aura sync thing, then separately configure the mb display from fans.
  • Have the selected special effect/polymo effect (such as rain or light drizzle) run up to 100% of the time, ie optionally permanent on the special effect selected (currently it's on only half the time max). The multicolored part that shows "ROG with the eye" is wrong because its disruptive to the color theme and should not play consecutively with the light drizzle/rain half.
  • Allow the default (multicolored effect) and selected special effect (light drizzle/rain) color ranges to be adjustable. (not essential)

Apart from separating the rain/light drizzle effects away from the default effect on the   z790 Hero LCD screen  (they are merged with the default effect for 50% of the time, but it's too disruptive this way imho), and being able to colour them a bit more easily, there is this issue:

  • The   Ryujin 2 240  image upload layout doesn't show how much memory space each picture is taking up (this is important for gifs mostly), or showing the remaining memory size after #some are present.
  • It needs a blank screen choice at least for the Custom Banner message option (the graphics are intrusive).

The Aura Creator has something wrong with it:

  1. It can't create the effects that are already listed like drizzle or rain to the same standard. I found it very difficult.
  2. The Aura Creator only seems to apply to the overall system, including fans. So you couldn't even apply it discretely to the display panel by itself.

This is why the OP suggestion is necessary.