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Wierd argb problems

Level 11
Im the one with wierd hardware problems...

I got a ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XIII EXTREME LGA1200 ATX motherboard with 3 arg ports named gen 2_1,2_2 and 2_3
Then i bough and installed 5 Phantel neon strips in to Gen 2_1 and gen 2_3 since it was most easy to hide the cables this way.

Now i see my board can handle up to 360 leds in total and my leds only has 234 leds total.
Then i also bought some of these combo led strips.
They are 30 pr strip so 60 + 234 = 294 leds in total. This setup use to work when im using 2 argb splitters from asus that splits 1 female to 3 male argb.
It has been working for a ½ year or so. Until last day.

Now recently there was an update or two for armoury crate and i installed it.
Then i started to play new world and suddenly all my leds strips changed from rainbow defaults to green and red flashing colours.
So i tryed to disconnect some of the leds and checked for loose connections. I havent been touching these cables or leds for several month where it use to work fine since i installed em.

So i blame the armoury crate update.
Also when i reboot my pc then the neonstrips changes to default rainbow, but when windows has loadet
and armoury crate was loadet, then they change back to this wierd green and red flashing mode. Then i can sellect static blue and green but if i change
to any colours with red then it starts to flash red and green again.

So i tryed to rearrange the leds and the argb splitter connections. But it was the same outcome. So i just tryed random things and disconnected one of these combo strips and then my led strips started to glow rainbow defaults again, but as soon i connect the second combo strip then i get the same problem.

I checket if the cable was broken or something but it seems fine and dosent show any loose connections.
So i disconnected both of these combo strips that is installed in the front of my pc an dnow it seems to work fine.

For now i have 5 neon strips each connected to one male argb head thru 2 argb ports. So one port use 2 leds and another port use 3 leds.
Why cant i get these combo strips to work all of the sudden ?
They are chained together with phantaks own chained cables. So they use 60 leds in total with 1 male argb head from the splitter of 3 male head.

Sorry for this long post but i had to go in detail.

Level 10
Sorry I can't help you but if you only need Armory Crate to manage rgb you could uninstall it with Armory Crate uninstall tools and replace it with OpenRGB.
But maybe next update will fix this problem.

Level 11
Im never gona install open rgb or signal plus again..i had to get support from asus to delete several ene and hal files that messed it all up once.

You could always try the Crate uninstaller tool and reinstall.

I'm not sure why chained strips would work before and not now unless you were just using default rainbow and Armoury Crate was never really communicating with the strips? Were you using a custom scheme?
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Level 11
I went in to aura effects and selected rainbow as scheme but it is also the default when i press reset to defaults.
But i did sellecte it as my main scheme. The strange thing is that when i sellected a static colour like red, then the leds started to blink red and green like a xmas theme.
But if i selected green or blue then it worked. So it seems like the red colour code was messed up somehow. It works fin enow but i had to remove 2 of my front strips.
That is a downer for me since i like rgb. But i could try and uinstall crate and reinstall. Its just that i had problems downloading and installing this tool many times. It took me a wjole day to get it to work once. So im scared of going that route again 😄

Understood. You can give it another try after the next update and hopefully it will work again. 🙂
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…