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Why the forced updates?

Level 9
This is not a rant, its a genuine question.

I'm currently facing a problem where if i don't update, i don't have functionalities, it will ask for a mandatory update.
If i DO update i face the problem, the mouse stops being detected and i can't have the functionalities anyway. In fact, if i do update.. its worse, i loose AURA Sync.

I understand that updates are good for implementing new stuff and fixing bugs, but you are forcing me a unnecessary problem.

You could still have the bug on this version and fix it in the next update, (no problem by me) but as long as i could use an old version and wait for a fix with a working mouse, that would be great.

Since your are forcing updates, you leave me ALWAYS with a problem when I shouldn't.

With this said:
I'm not going to state out loud that i'm done with RoG stuff, i'm not! They are really good looking/working/durable stuff. The best i've seen actually. My computer is all RoG, from Board, PSU, GPU, Keyboard, Mouse to monitor. I spent my dear sweet €€€€ on them.

But with this forced problem, i'm considering delaying my RoG Ryujin AIO buy or even consider Corsair altogether. The same for the Headset which i was going for Delta RoG but now i'm a bit scared that i run into a "paperweight" due to forced updates. Corsair is looking very appealing right now.

=Please consider having old Armoury Crate versions available without update forcing on the users.=

Also, i will also post a new thread with my problem, so i won't spam the Armoury Crate issues thread. (i already left a post there wit my issue).

Thank You

Level 7
There isn't a good answer to this, especially considering how much the recent updates are broken.

IT's very clear that previous versions should be made available if frequently updates will literally cripple widely used functionality. I bought an ASus motherboard and GPU so it would integrate with my Corsair lighting -- now it's broken with no fix, and I can't download an old version. I've wasted hours on this... I am not a happy customer and this has left a very bad taste in my mouth.